DEVS-Suite Receives SourceForge Community Choice Award

Snippets from SourceForge announcment: “DEVS-Suite Simulator has been recognized with a Community Choice award by SourceForge. This honor is awarded only to select projects that have reached significant milestones in

New DEVS-Suite 6.1.0 is released

The latest version is available at [April 2021].

New DEVS-Suite 5.0.0 is released

The latest version is available at [July 2019].

New CoSMoS is released

The newest version of the CoSMoS (Component-based System Modeling and Simulation) is available at Modelers can specify behavior for any atomic DEVS model using Statecharts method.

New DEVS-Suite Simulator is released

A new DEVS-Suite Simulator (Version 3.0.0) is released (April 10, 2015). This simulator supports generating/visualizing super-dense time trajectories (i.e., zero-time step state transitions with I/O and +/- infinity bands for