Reference Guide 9: Installation of DEVS-C++ in UNIX

9.1 structure of Directories

There are 4 directories in the source code of DEVS-C++ environment: con, devs, lib, and examples. The Con directory is for container library, while the devs for devs library. The archive files of two libraries are placed in the lib directory named libcon.a and libdevs.a respectively. The Examples directory has several example programs. Figure 26 shows the structure of directories of DEVS-C++.

Figure 25 Directory structure of DEVS-C++

9.2 How to run test models

UNIX command “tar” creates an archive file from files or directories, and , in reverse, files from archive file. When we need to create an archive file named devsc++, tar with devsc++ directory, then type “tar -cvf devsc++.tar devsc++” “tar -xvf devsc++.tar .” command recreates the whole devsc++ directory.

The sequence to run test models is illustrated as follows:

% cd con
% make
% cd ../devs
% make
% cd ../examples/gpt
% make gpt
% gpt