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Engineering | Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling and Simulation


  • Action Level Real-Time DEVS Modeling:  Methods for hard real-time specification of parallel DEVS models. The objective is to provide “resource-aware” simulation execution.
  • DEVS-Suite Plugin Architecture:  Eclipse Plugin Architecture offers useful concepts, techniques, and tools for building extensible software tools. The DEVS-Suite simulator’s architecture is being formulated and developed using Eclipse Plugin Architecture.
  • EMF-DEVS modeling:  Concepts and methods are being studied in support of meta-level modeling of parallel DEVS modeling using Eclipse Modeling Framework. The goal is automatic model verification with support for simulation validation.
  • Inventory Knowledge Interchange Broker Model Development and Simulation:  An industrial strength platform supporting scalable and flexible modeling and execution of interactions among DEVS, Linear Programming, and statistical data mining models is under development. New concepts and methods are being introduced to the Knowledge Interchange Broker model composability paradigm.
  • Network-on-Chip Simulator:  A collection of models have been developed for action-level simulation of NoC. These models together with their physical counterparts can provide hybrid platform for early executable architecture designs.
  • Visual and Persistence Modeling of Parallel Atomic Models in CoSMoS:  Support visually specifying meta-level behaviors of atomic model operations. They must conform to the abstract DEVS model specification and can also be stored in relational databases.