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A framework supporting Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) and DEVS formalism. In this framework, the AADL is extended with a DEVS annex that is supported with the DEVS-Suite Simulator.
Action Level Real-Time (ALRT) DEVS Modeling

Methods for hard real-time specification of parallel DEVS models.

The objective is to provide “resource-aware” simulation execution.

Composable Heterogeneous Cellular Automata with KIB

This research extends the Knowledge Interchange Broker(KIB) approach for cellular automata models. This approach is aimed at composing different component-based (agent) cellular automata 2D models that vary in their scales and complexity.

DEVS-Suite Simulator

The DEVS-Suite simulator is ongoing research focused on offering a state-of-the-art modular, component-based simulator architecture supporting complementary textual, run-time animation, and rich linear and super-dense run-time trajectory visualizations using the Eclipse framework.

EMF-DEVS Modeling

Concepts and methods are being studied in support of meta-level modeling of parallel DEVS modeling using the Eclipse Modeling Framework. The goal is automatic model verification with support for simulation validation.

Hybrid Food, Energy, and Water (FEW) Models

In this research concepts, methods, and a framework are being developed such that existing models are componentized as web-services for studying Food-Water-Energy systems. The framework employs the KIB approach to simulating the interactions in the FEW systems needed for understanding and long-term policy planning.

Knowledge Interchange Broker (KIB) Model Development and Simulation

An industrial-strength platform supporting scalable and flexible modeling and execution of interactions among DEVS, Linear Programming, and statistical data mining models is under development.
Network-on-Chip (NoC) Simulator. A collection of models have been developed for action-level simulation of NoC. These models, together with their physical counterparts, can provide a hybrid platform for early executable NoC designs.

Neuronal and Cognitive Systems

This interdisciplinary research topic aims at modeling and simulating neurocognitive systems.

Visual and Persistence Modeling of Parallel Atomic Models in CoSMoS

Support visually specifying meta-level behaviors of atomic model operations. They must conform to the abstract DEVS model specification and can also be stored in relational databases.