INFORMS Keynotes, Winter Simulation Conference, Las Vegas, Dec. 4 – 6, 2017


Why should we develop simulation models in pairs? Titans of Simulation Talk

B.P. Zeigler, Presented at the Winter Simulation Conference, Las Vegas, December 4, 2017.

DEVS Namespace for Interoperable DEVS/SOA

Chungman Seo, B.P. Zeigler, Presented at the 2009 Winter Simulation Conference, Austin, December 15, 2009.

Activity tracking and awareness: A transdisciplinary automation framework

Alexander Muzy, B. P. Zeigler, Presented at the Cargese Interdisciplinary Seminar, Corsica, April 2009.

DEVS-Centered Modeling and Simulation: Core Concepts for Engineering Education

B. P. Zeigler, Presented to: Center for  Sceince and Math Education University of Texas, Austin, April 2009.

Interoperability, Automation, Built-in Evolution: the DEVS Framework for Coping with Emerging Complexity

B.P. Zeigler, Keynote presentation to Joint Session of SpringSim and SIW, March, 2009

Modeling and Simulation Methodology: The Challenge of Complex Endeavors

B.P. Zeigler, AI and Computing in Countering Terrorism INFORMS General Meeting, Oct 13. 2008

An Overview of the Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling and Simulation (ACIMS)

B.P. Zeigler, September 2008

DEVS and SES as a Framework for Modeling and Simulation Tool Development

B.P. Zeigler, Presented at SIMUTools 2008 March 3-7 2008 Marseille, France

DEVS Standard for Modeling and Simulation in Web-Centric Environments

B.P. Zeigler, presented at Mosim08: Modelisation, Optimisation at Simulation des Systemes March 31-April 2 2008 Paris, France

M&S Ontology Framework for Complex System Development and Testing

B.P. Zeigler, March 2008

Proposed DEVS Simulator Implementation Standard & GenDEVS Standard Document

B.P Zeigler, presented at the Workshop on Net-Centric M&S,

Education: Enabling Modeling & Simulation, a National Critical Technology

B.P. Zeigler, at theM&S Leadership Summit,  Feb. 11 2008

Simulation-based Testing of Emerging Defense Information Systems

B.P. Zeigler, at Auburn Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering, April 2006

DEVS Agents to Support Conformance Testing of Emerging Defense Information Standards

B.P. Zeigler, at Agent-Directed Simulation Composium, Huntsville, AL, 2006

M&S Based System Development and Testing in a Joint Net-Centric Environment

Automated Test Case Generation and Testing in Joint Net-Centric Environment

B.P. Zeigler, at Testing in a Joint Environment Conference, Arlington, VA, April 12-13, 2006

Structure Control in Agent-based Simulation

B.P. Zeigler, at University of Texas, Dept. of Computer Science, Tyler, TX, April, 2006

Transforming DEVS to Non-Modular Form for Faster Cellular Space Simulation

F.A. Shiginah, B.P. Zeigler, DEVS Symposium, AL, April 2006

The Need for a Theory of Modeling and Simulation to Support the M&S COI Mission [0.6MB]

M&S Services at the Crossroads of Service Oriented Architecture and the DoD Architectural Framework [0.4MB]

Standards Conformance Testing and M&S Services [2.5MB]

The Special Role of M&S in Cross-COI Mediation [1.7MB]

B. P. Zeigler, Presentations to M&S COI Technical Exchange Meeting, Nov 2005

Approach and Techniques for Building Component-based Simulation Models  [.3MB]

B. P. Zeigler, H.S. Sarjoughian, The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference ’04, Orlando, FL

Formalized Model Development & Test Generation: Key Role of Abstraction  [1MB]

B. P. Zeigler, Opening Plenary Presentation, Foundations 04, Tempe, AZ, October 13-15

Continuity and Change (Activity) are Fundamentally Related in DEVS Simulation of Continuous Systems  [1.5MB]

by B.P. Zeigler, Keynote Talk at AI, Simulation and Planning AIS’04, October 4-6, Korea

Analysis and Visualization of Time-Varying Data using Activity Modeling  [3MB] movie1 [0.8MB] , movie2 [5MB].

by S. Akerkar and B.P. Zeigler, MS Thesis, Summer 2004, ECE Department, University of Arizona

Measuring Cooperative Robotic Systems Using Simulation-based Virtual Environment  [3MB]

by X. Hu and B.P. Zeigler, “Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems” Workshop PerMIS ’04, NIST, Gaithersburg, August 24-26, 2004

Information Security, Virus Propagation and Countermeasures: Is There a Role for Modeling and Simulation in this New Battlescpace? (1.4MB)

by B.P. Zeigler, Invited Lunch Talk, to “Information Operations T&E” ITEA Workshop, Sierra Vista, AZ, February 9-12, 2004.

DEVSToday: Keynote Talk (.3MB)

by B.P. Zeigler, MASCOTS October 2003

Unifying Discrete and Continuous Simulation with Discrete Events: DEVS as the Next Modeling Standard [.9MB]

by B.P. Zeigler, Invited Presentation at University of Ottawa, June `03

Advanced DEVS Concepts [ DevsAdvConcepts.ppt ]


DEVS-Based Simulation/Animation [ DevsSimAnimation.ppt ]


High Level Modeling/High Performance Simulation [ DevsMPP.ppt ]


Parameter Morphism [ ParameterMorphism.ppt ]


System Representation/Abstraction based on DEVS [ DevsSysRepAbstr.ppt ]