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Engineering | Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling and Simulation

General Purpose Tools

  • CoSMoS: CoSMoSim offers an integrated platform for system model development, simulation, & experimentation. Its unified logical, visual, and persistence basis supports specifying families of parallel DEVS, CA, & XML-Schema models (see DEVS-Suite simulator). The DEVS-Suite simulator version 2.1.0 is integrated in CoSMoS.
  • DEVS-Suite:DEVS-Suite is a Parallel DEVS simulator with support for (i) automating design of experiments in combination with (ii) animating models (iii) generating superdense time data trajectories at run-time, and (iv) synchronized viewing of time-based trajectories alongside hierarchical component and I/O messaging animation. See CoSMoSim – it offers rich visual modeling, database, etc.
  • MS4 MeTM¬†allows you to design, engineer, visualize and test in a single environment without compromising rigor, quality or performance.

Domain-Specific Models

Application-Specific Models